Welcome to Metrolina Psychotherapy Associates, P.A.

Since July 2010, humbly serving the Metrolina surrounding areas for over seven years now.  We are grateful to work with you towards emotional growth.  

Address:  1212 Spruce Street, Suite 315

Belmont, NC 28012

Phone:  704-461-8253  Fax:  704-461-8267

 Confidential Email:  Contact@metpsych.com

Have you ever Felt:


Overwhelmed…Fearful…Self conscious

What we offer: 

Our therapists are here to assist you in life’s changes and challenges.  We work with you to be grounded through emotional growth.

Services:  Because of our experienced staff we work with Adults / Couples / Seniors / Children and Adolescents.

We offer:  individual, family and couples’ counseling.  Most of our therapists are trained experts in both Mental Health and Substance abuse.

Insurance and payment options: Our providers accept most insurance plans.

Staff:   Meet them on the next page. Kelly Carpenter, Allison Tucker, Christopher A. Gazdik, and Barb Cooper, Rose Planer, and Lisa Burdick.  Our support staff:  Dorothy Williams, and Billing Coordinator:  Monica Currence.