Welcome to Metrolina Psychotherapy Associates, P.A.

Address:  1212 Spruce Street, Suite 315

Belmont, NC 28012

Phone:  704-461-8253  Fax:  704-461-8267

 Confidential Email:  Contact@metpsych.com

Have you ever Felt:


Overwhelmed…Fearful…Self conscious

What we offer: 

Our therapists are here to assist you in life’s changes and challenges.  We work with you to be grounded through emotional growth.

Services:  Because of our experienced staff we work with Adults / Couples / Seniors / Children and Adolescents.

We offer:  individual, family and couples’ counseling.  Most of our therapists are trained experts in both Mental Health and Substance abuse.

Insurance and payment options: Our providers accept most insurance plans.

Staff:   Meet them on the next page. Kelly Carpenter, Allison Tucker, Christopher A. Gazdik, and Barb Cooper.  Our support staff:  Dorothy Williams, and Billing Coordinator:  Caroline Wilson.